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Where you are part of the family!

Benefits and Value of a Haka! Membership: You are missing out on the benefits if you work out alone. We offer exposure to a social and fun environment, safe and effective designed workouts, consistent schedule, accountability factor, and a workout that requires no prior experience or knowledge.
Social Atmosphere. As kids we loved to play with friends. As teenagers our world revolved around friends. As adults we still enjoy being active with friends, but lack time or opportunities. Group exercise gives you the opportunity to be feel young again and be active with others.
Structured with Purpose. Everything we do will benefit you especially if you have limited knowledge about safe and effective exercise programming. Classes are designed with warm-up, cool down, flexibility, in addition to the conditioning part. When people workout alone, they often skip important parts. We will motivate you through the complete program.
Schedule Variety. Many people quit exercise because of time constraints. Our group exercise helps overcome this obstacle. We generally will get you in and out in less than 60 minutes!

No Boredom. Regardless of your passion, we have diverse class offerings, always set to energetic music, professional choreography, and led by motivating instructors!  

You will LOVE being part of the Haka! Tribe. Join us!

We're the locally owned boutique fitness facility that specializes in group fitness classes led by certified and enthusiastic instructors. We believe in a philosophy of fitness, fun & friendship!

Group Fitness

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Lyn Larson, Studio Manager/Instructor



Conveniently located in the Stroh Ranch Retail Center by King Soopers and La-Z-Boy